The awareness that teaching the classical culture became often mere Academy, just a status symbol useless, because unconnected with the real world, forced me to look for other ways to transmit my knowledge.

The second degree in Journalism reconciled me with my age and my country.

After the priceless training at the daily "L'Ora", at "Trapani sera", at some Sicilian broadcastings and various articles for newspapers and magazines, I was able to decode and to tell the reality, even foreign reality: Malaysia, U.K. Albania, Turkey, Greece. During 14 years of teaching at foreign Universities and of journalistic experiences abroad had learnt to be ambassador of Italian culture out of our borders.

In 2008, coming back to Italy, next step.

Writing did not seem to me sufficient any longer "to talk" to people. I wanted to put different persons in direct contact each other. Non only to inform them.
So, the communication agency ESTRO was born.

Communicator has more instruments than journalist. He can use also events beside writing. Moreover, if his way to act is creative and focused, the communication will be definitely successful.

Paola Prizzi Merljak

Journalism experiences before ESTRO agency