Fabulous Sicily

January 2015

ESTRO introduces a new section of its website to you all.

Usually a communication agency, which aim at Italian and International market, does not circumscribe own activities within narrow limits.

On the contrary, ESTRO after accurate reflections has decided to select its own area of action from now on. In fact, we are convinced that it is necessary to define a precise territory for communication and promotion, in order to avoid being ineffective and to act deeply.

So, since 2015 our commitment and skills will be focused on Sicily. That excellent Sicily, about which people’s knowledge is still rather poor.

This is the new brand Sicilia mitica, that is, Fabulous Sicily.

Fabulous for its rich cultural heritage, for its peerless sense of hospitality, for the variety of its products that Sicilian genius invents or reinvents every day. Not to mention its fascinating places (at sea-mountain- hill-plain), which throughout the year light up with a superb brightness, due to mild weather.

There are very few lands around the world, that can show off as many resources as Sicily.

We ask those Sicilians, who have chosen to offer unique accommodation, not standard wine and food, special handicrafts and events to the global market, to send ESTRO videos (max 2 minutes) about all these skills and flavours.

Each video will be placed into Sicilia mitica that day by day will become a prestigious collection for exclusive people.

In this way Sicily shall get the positive fame that deserves (that’s why the quotation from Latin writer Virgilio "Fama volat").

Further informations: info@estro-communication.com